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Find engineered protein sequences, positive and negative recombinant expression trials and purification detail, apply and improve recombinant protein production strategies to their own targets to improve protein production yield and purity.

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Share your experimental detail for recombinant protein production. Publish the complete story, including positive and negative outcomes. Allow colleagues to learn from your experience.

Protein Production Data Repository

The Recombinant Proteomic Data Resource is the place to deposit and search for engineered vector sequences, recombinant protein expression trials, and purifications and, to improve protein production yield and purity

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Interested in keeping your protein data to yourself? Ask us to get your private version of ProteinData.Cloud in order to integrate your own data or new features.

"10 to 15 hours in savings for looking up constructs on any given target"

"The ability to learn from others experiences and avoid 're-inventing the wheel' can save a lot of time and resources ..."

ProteinData.Cloud is built by scientists, for scientists.

Protein production data contributed by renown labs and institutions from around the world.

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